High Society Kustom Garage

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Custom Bike Seats

Photos of custom bike seats completed by High Society Kustom Garage.

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Custom Bike Seats Photo Gallery

  • Honda_Bike_Seat_5


  • Honda_Bike_Seat_1


  • Honda_Bike_Seat_2
  • Honda_Bike_Seat_3
  • Honda_Bike_Seat_4
  • Yamaha_Cafe_Racer_1

    Starting point

  • Yamaha_Cafe_Racer_2

    Foamed, ready to be covered

  • Yamaha_Cafe_Racer_3
  • Yamaha_Cafe_Racer_4
  • Yamaha_Cafe_Racer_5

    All done, looking pretty

  • Yamaha_Cafe_Racer_6

    Top view

  • Yamaha_Cafe_Racer_7

    The finished article

  • Yamaha_Cafe_Racer_8

    The finished article

  • Yamaha_Cafe_Racer_10

    The finished article